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laminated ply and vacuum forming

Lloyd’s  interest lies in form and structure, enabling materials to be manipulated into simple yet unexpected solutions. Plywood laminates feature largely in his work, allowing versatility and wonderfully elegant curves. 

Forming ply in this way has been used extensively in chairs and some tables, but has had limited expression in other functions, Lloyd is keen to explore it’s possibilities further. He has made tea light lanterns, CD shelving, modular shelving, nesting coffee tables, console tables and there are more ideas in the pipeline.

The forming of the ply is particularly interesting. 0.8mm or 1.5mm thickness is used depending on the tightness of the curves. The ply is sandwiched together with PVA glue and then placed around a mould. This is then placed in a vacuum press (a large plastic airtight bag) and the air is extracted from it. It is the atmospheric pressure that then presses the ply around the mould, which at 14.7 pounds per square inch is more than sufficient. There is a wonderful moment when the final air is expelled and the ply suddenly collapses flat.  The excess of the ply is then trimmed and finished with a hand plane.

The acrylic stone is thermoformed, heated to about 170 degrees and then formed in exactly the same way as the ply.